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The deadline to request a grant or scholarship is permanently open for:

  • Students interested in pursuing a postgraduate degree in Spain oriented towards learning and teaching foreign languages.
  • Those interested in receiving formation to then teach foreign languages.
  • Teaching internships in Spain being the language implemented the teacher´s mother tongue, varying on the level or formation received.

Requirements & Applying:

  • Young individuals aged over 18 with less than two years of professional experience in teaching their own language.
  • Having English, French or German as a first language, or having completed secondary education in any of these languages.
  • In case an undergraduate degree were required to join one of the programs, it must have been obtained in the four years previous to the start of the grant.
  • The minimum stay in Spain will be 6 months.

Types of programs for which you can apply:

  • Advanced: Aimed at graduates. Degrees related to teaching or to their own language, or any other degree complemented with a sufficiently in-depth training that will allow them to teach foreign languages (Tefl or equivalent training).
  • Graduate: Aimed at graduates from any degree.
  • Speakers: Aimed at young people between 18 and 24. Minimum amount of training required: the equivalent of Spanish high school.