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Se�n K., Barcelona (from Ireland)

I think this programme is a great way to get some real experience of teaching. I found the staff in my school was hugely helpful and the students were incredible. Meddeas also allowed me to enjoy a different culture and engage with a new language. This year has caused me to strongly consider a future career in teaching.

Christine L., C�rdoba (from USA)

I have learnt so much from this experience: I think my resilience and determination has surprised me the most!. Being able to live in C�rdoba for a while has been a wonderful opportunity: Spain is a beautiful place with lots to see. I have improved my Spanish and have gained skills in: self-reliance, self-confidence, self-motivation, lesson planning and improvisation. Through necessity, I have discovered techniques to control classes and to discipline students. I am able to create and teach a whole variety of topics and subjects which have been tailored to the abilities in my classes. Although I have definitely had my struggles, I have had priceless lessons in life.

Claire K., Madrid (from UK)

Overall my experience as a language assistant has been a thoroughly enjoyable and enriching experience. My point of contact at the school has been incredibly helpful and has made me feel very welcome from day one. Being a language assistant with the children has been a pleasurable and invaluable experience which has helped to further my passion for teaching. I feel fully supported in my tasks and enjoy my practice. Living as a language assistant in Spain has been a fantastic cultural experience which I would strongly recommend to anyone.

Siobhan G., Tarragona (from Northern Ireland)

It has been great to learn about how EFL teaching is conducted. I have learnt about the reality of teaching in a class and lesson plans through the practical placement and online course. It is a good opportunity for people who are considering a PGCE course and also those who want to learn a different cultural and linguistic environment.

Christopher D., Toledo (from UK)

My school is wonderful and I am living in a picturistic city, what�s there to complain about? I will be very much recommending the scheme to family and friends back home who would like to travel and gain experience in a different country, it�s a refreshing and rewarding experience.

Kate H., Gij�n (from UK)

The support I have received from my school has been amazing, and I have enjoyed every day here helping the children. It has really helped me to realize that I definitely do want to go into teaching.

Mike M., Barcelona (from UK)

The opportunity to gain some hands-on teaching knowledge and experience is, in itself, the positive aspect of the course. The materials and source material provided much food for thought and offered much inspiration when planning lessons. My time teaching in Spain has made me seriously think about becoming a teacher in the near future.

Eleanor M., C�diz (from UK)

I am extremely happy with my post in Cadiz. Being a language assistant is an honour and the respect I have gained within the school is really rewarding.